About Us

Welcome to Furry Tails: Where Pet Passion Meets Style

Hello, I'm Katerina, the founder of Furry Tails, a place where my passion for pets and love for style collide. Growing up surrounded by the joy and companionship of various pets, I've always felt that a house without a furry friend feels a bit empty. The laughter, love, and unspoken connection they bring are truly unparalleled.

My delightful muse, Blanche, a charming toy poodle  has been the inspiration behind Furry Tails. Having been fortunate enough to share my life with a variety of pets, it became clear that they fill our homes with a special magic. However, it was Blanche who entered my life at a pivotal moment, transforming challenges into happiness with her boundless love and playful antics.

I couldn't resist showering her with love, and that included finding accessories that reflected her inner sparkle.

But the market...well, let's just say it was as bland as a grey leash. Plain, neutral harnesses? Yawn! They disappeared on Blanche's fluffy frame, failing to capture her unique personality or my own fashion flair. I believe that pet accessories should be an extension of our joy, and bland, uninspiring products simply wouldn't do. That's where Furry Tails comes in. 

Our collection started with the creation of vibrant and stylish harness sets, designed to not only be functional but also express the happiness and positive energy that pets bring into our lives. Simultaneously, the need for a comfortable and stylish car seat became apparent, as Blanche accompanies me on every journey, turning mundane trips into joyous adventures.

At Furry Tails, we believe in offering more than just pet accessories – we offer a celebration of the bond between humans and their furry companions. I meticulously curate and create each design, ensuring that they not only elevate your pet's style but also bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

What sets Furry Tails apart is our commitment to quality and sustainability. I carefully select the finest materials for all our products, prioritizing comfort and environmental responsibility. After all, our pets deserve the very best, and we want to leave a positive pawprint on the planet they call home.

Step into Furry Tails, where every creation is crafted with love, inspired by fairy tales, and dedicated to those enchanting furry friends who become the real-life magic in our homes.

Join us on this journey of style, joy, and the everlasting bond between pets and their humans.