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Furry Tails

Lead - "Fiesta Flaire"

Lead - "Fiesta Flaire"

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Add a Splash of Festive Fun with the "Fiesta Flair" Dog Leash

Celebrate every walk with a burst of color and energy using our "Fiesta Flair" Dog Leash. Inspired by the vibrant festivities of a Mexican fiesta, this leash is a lively accessory that will turn heads and lift spirits wherever you go.

Adorned with playful patterns and motifs inspired by traditional Mexican artistry, including strumming guitars, whimsical lizards, and festive maracas, this leash adds a touch of cultural charm to your walks. Let your pup lead the way as they dance and prance with this eye-catching accessory.

With a comfortable handle and secure clasp, the "Fiesta Flair" Dog Leash provides peace of mind while maintaining a firm grip during walks and adventures. Pair this leash with the matching harness for a coordinated look that embodies the spirit of fiesta fun.

Size Guide

Sizes Length Width
XS/S 150 cm 150 cm
M/L 150 cm 200 cm


Lead has a D ding attached to clip on any accessories such as our matching poo bags.


We always aim for the top quality in our products, but keep in mind, no product is indestructible so always check your product for wear and tear before using it.

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