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Dog Bed - Cozy "Paisley"

Dog Bed - Cozy "Paisley"

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Due to its ergonomic design and the rich filling with Premium Comforel "Ultra Reform" this Cozy bed ensures that your pet will have the best physical support for its body and will enjoy a relaxed and deep sleep. 

Size Guide

Size Width Length
XS 54 cm 44 cm
S 64 cm 56 cm
M 74 cm 68 cm
L 88 cm 76 cm

Cleaning & Washing

Durable and resistant to hair accumulation, it's a breeze to maintain and can be conveniently washed in the washing machine when needed, in cold water and low spining cycle. 

Multiple Uses

The base cushion is double faced and removable and can also be used as a bed if needed. 

Is it for cats?

Suitable for both dogs and cats, it's the ideal accessory for pampered pets everywhere.


We always aim for the top quality in our products, but keep in mind, no product is indestructible so always check your product for wear and tear before using it.

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