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Handsfree Waterproof Leash - "Red Bandana" Tan Black Small Hook

Handsfree Waterproof Leash - "Red Bandana" Tan Black Small Hook

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❤️🎀 Polymorphic Handsfree Leash in Red and Tan - Perfect Match for Our Red Bandana Harness Set! 🐾✨

Introducing our stylish and versatile handsfree leash, designed to complement our "Red Bandana" harness set. Featuring a vibrant red and tan color combination, this leash adds a pop of color and flair to your walks.

Key features include:
🔹 Polymorphic use: Enjoy multiple ways to wear and use this leash for ultimate versatility and convenience.
🔹 Waterproof: Made from premium waterproof materials, perfect for any weather condition.
🔹 Easy to clean: Simply wipe down to keep it looking fresh and new.
🔹 Durable: Built to withstand everyday adventures, ensuring long-lasting performance.
🔹 Comfortable: Handsfree design offers freedom and ease during walks, with adjustable length options for added flexibility.

Enhance your walking experience with our handsfree leash in red and pink, and complete the look with our Red Bandana harness set. Make every outing stylish, practical, and fun! 🐶🌟

 However you can choose a different color and size metallic accessories by sending us a message via instagram!

Crafted from premium, waterproof materials, our handsfree leashes offer ultimate convenience and versatility.  Wear them over your shoulder or around your waist for handsfree freedom, or use them as a regular leash.  The sturdy design and adjustable length options make them perfect for any adventure, whether you're exploring the beach or strolling through the park. 

This one is 2.40cm long and has small metallic hooks in dark grey. 

Care instructions: always rinse off salt water and pat dry, especially metal parts. The webbing can be washed with soapy water when needed. 

Due to this product being a custom item we are unfortunately unable to accept returns and exchanges. 

Orders may need 5-7 working days. 

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