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Luxury Dog Car Seat - Corduroy Navy Blue

Luxury Dog Car Seat - Corduroy Navy Blue

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Our dog car seat is designed with safety and convenience in mind. The seat is filled with the hypoallergenic Premium Comforel material that supports the dog's body and helps avoiding travel sickness and stress.

Size Guide

External size
Width 60 cm 
Length 50 cm
Internal size
Width 35 cm
Length 30 cm
Side Height 25 cm
Back Height 35 cm

Cleaning and Washing

Featuring a removable cushion insert with a zippered cover, cleaning up after your pet is a breeze. Simply remove the cushion and toss the cover in the wash for easy maintenance. The seat can be washed in hand as well as in the washing machine in a gentle, cold water cycle with a slow or no-spin setting. The filling material will keep its shape after washing

Installation & Safety

The car seat has an adjustable safety belt to fasten to the car seat and also clips into the Isofix points in the car ensuring that it stays in place. Your dog is clipped into the seat with a shock absorbing safety leash.

Extra Uses

The car seat can also be used as a comfy bed when you reach your destination. 


We always aim for the top quality in our products, but keep in mind, no product is indestructible so always check your product for wear and tear before using it.

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