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Waterproof Leash "Deep Sea" Dual color

Waterproof Leash "Deep Sea" Dual color

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🌊🔵🔴 Waterproof Leash in Blue and Red  - Perfect Match for Our Deep Sea Harness Set! 🐾✨

Introducing our sleek and durable waterproof leash, designed to perfectly complement our "Deep Sea" harness set. Featuring a bold blue color with red details, this leash is both stylish and highly functional.

Key features include:
🔹 Waterproof: Crafted from premium waterproof materials, ideal for any weather condition and perfect for aquatic adventures.
🔹 Easy to clean: Simply wipe down to keep it looking fresh and new, maintaining its vibrant colors.
🔹 Durable: Built to withstand rugged use, ensuring long-lasting performance for all your outdoor escapades.
🔹 Secure: Equipped with sturdy red handle that provide a secure and reliable connection, adding a pop of color and flair.
🔹 Comfortable: Designed for ease of use, offering a comfortable grip for enjoyable walks, and a ring to attach your accessories like a pooh bag holder.

Upgrade your walking gear with our waterproof leash in blue with red details, and enjoy the perfect match for your Deep Sea harness set. Dive into stylish, hassle-free walks and make a splash with every step! 🐶🌟

You can customise your leash by choosing color combination, length, hooks etc by sending us a message. 

Length: 1.40cm, Width: 2.0 cm


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